Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

To uphold the value of our products, Vivid Canine LLC maintains a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy.

Retailers may only advertise Vivid Canine products at or above our MAP. Advertising an item's price below MAP at any time violates the policy. Alternative promotions such as "free shipping" are permitted, as long as they do not affect the advertised price of the product. Contact us for a list of MAP pricing for all Vivid Canine products.

AMAZON RESELLERS Accounts are not permitted to sell Vivid Canine products on or any other third party market place, unless written authorization is provided by Vivid Canine LLC. Retailers who sell on without authorization are at risk for account suspension or termination.

NON-COMPLIANCE - Vivid Canine LLC has partnered with a 3rd Party MAP compliance service to proactively monitor MAP pricing for all of our products.

When a violation occurs, the following action will be taken:

1st Violation = Warning and/or Suspension

• Account must correct MAP violations within 3 calendar days of notification, or account may be at risk of suspension.

2nd Violation = Account Suspension and/or Termination

•Account will be notified of 6-month suspension due to MAP violations. After 6 months, account can re-apply for authorization.

•At the same time, account must correct these MAP violations within 3 calendar days of notification, or account will be terminated instead of suspended, and not permitted to re-apply for authorization.

3rd Violation = Account Termination

• Vivid Canine LLC will no longer fulfill orders from account. Any pending orders will be canceled.

For more information about our MAP policy please contact us at